Dear friends,
The last few weeks have been a blur of activity! Whenever I start to doubting a little bit about following through with this crazy idea, God has gone out of His way to show me He's with me.

In just a few more days, I will be driving with my family up to New Brunswick to spend a month helping out my wife's family and talking to people about the PrayerPaddle ministry. And God seems to be preparing the way ahead of me. Just within the last few days, doors have opened for me to preach on June 22 at Sovereign Community (Presbyterian) Church in Miramichi, New Brunswick and to probably attend the annual Convention of Canadian Southern Baptists in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We have also learned of a Baptist church planter who will be moving to Bathurst (my wife's hometown) in August! Surprisingly, he got the vision for outreach to Bathurst the same year that I married Nancy.

I also recently found out about the commitment of Dwight Huffman (director of church planting for Canadian Southern Baptists) to prayer walk before the national convention in each Canadian town where there is interest in having a Southern Baptist church plant.

The most recent version of the document describing the PrayerPaddle has been moved to a (temporary?) website at: I will try to add some other resources and links to the site over time.

I have made good progress lately on organizing the database of churches in the Acadian Coast region (about 200 so far, many Catholic or United) and downloading mapping data for GIS. Soon I should be able to produce maps showing the distribution of churches in the region of each denomination. I also confirmed my assumption that paddling west to east would be best, by examining wind climatology from several weather stations along the coast. I have started work on an overall budget for PrayerPaddle ministry. Once I have worked through it a little more, I'll post a draft on the website for comments.

Hopefully I should be able to get online fairly regularly while in Canada. If you want to reach me while I'm traveling up there or back, you can try my cell phone at 601-750-4517. Once we reach Bathurst, you may be able to reach me at 506-546-6409.

Thank you for your prayers,


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