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This page will list airports with scheduled passenger service in the U.S. by state.


Summary: Total: 21 commercial airports; 98 airlines?

DAB Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach International Airport (29 11N, 81 03W, 36ft) Continental/Continental Express/Express Jet, Delta/Delta Connection/Comair, Florida Coastal, United, Vintage Props (hub)

FLL Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale / Hollywood Intl Airport (26 04N, 80 09W, 23ft) Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Air Sunshine (hub), AirTran, Air Transat, American/American Eagle/Executive Airlines, America West, Avianca, Avior?, Bahamasair, Canjet, Cayman Airways, Continental/Continental Connection, Delta/Delta Connection/ASA/Comair/Chautauqua, Frontier, Gulfstream International (hub), Island Air Charters, Island Express (hub), JetBlue, Lynx Air International (hub), Midwest, Northwest, Skybus, Skyservice/Conquest (seasonal), Southwest, Spirit, Sunwing, Ted, Travelspan/North American, Twin Air, United, US Air, USA 3000, Vintage Props, WestJet, Yellow Air Taxi (YAT)

RSW Fort Myers, Southwest Florida International Airport (26 32N, 81 45W, 30ft) Air Canada, AirTran, American/American Eagle/Executive, American TransAir (ATA), Cape Air, Condor, Continental/Continental Connection, Delta/Delta Connection/Comair/Chautauqua, Frontier, JetBlue, LTU International, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country (seasonal), United, US Air, USA 3000, WestJet, Worry-Free Vacations (Champion Air)

FPR Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County International, (27 30N, 80 22W, 23ft) (none currently)

VPS Fort Walton Beach/Valparaiso OKALOOSA REGIONAL AIRPORT (30 29N, 86 32W, 85ft) American Eagle, Continental, Delta/Delta Connection/ASA/Comair, Northwest

GNV Gainesville, Jr Alison Municipal GAINESVILLE RGNL (29 41N, 82 16W, 151ft) Continental Connection/Gulfstream, Delta Connection/ASA, Gulfstream International, US Air/Mesa/Piedmont Opened in 1942.

JAX Jacksonville, Jacksonville Intl Airport (30 30N, 81 42W, 30ft) AirTran, American/American Eagle/American Connection/Trans-States (TSA)/Executive Airlines?, Continental/Continental Express/Express Jet/Gulfstream, Delta/Delta Connection/Comair, Gulfstream International?, Northwest, Southwest, United Express, US Air/US Air Express

EYW Key West, KEY WEST INTL ARPT (24 33N, 81 45W, 20ft) American, Cape Air, Continental Connection/Gulfstream, Delta Connection/ASA/Chautauqua/Comair, Gulfstream International?, Sea Coast, US Air Express/Air Midwest, Vintage Props, Yellow Air Taxi (YAT)

MTH Marathon, MARATHON AIRPORT (24 44N, 81 03W, 7ft) (Currently no scheduled service)

MLB Melbourne, Melbourne Regional Airport (28 06N, 80 39W, 36ft) Baer Air, Delta/Delta Connection/ASA/Comair, Florida Coastal, USA 3000, Vintage Props

MIA Miami, MIAMI INTL AIRPORT (25 49N, 80 17W, 13ft) Aero Honduras?, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aero Mexico, Aero Postal, Aerosur, Air Canada, Air d'Ayiti?, Air France, Air Jamaica, AirTran, Alaska, Alitalia, American/American Eagle/ABC/Executive, America West, Aviacsa, Avianca, Avior?, Bahamasair, Bimini Island Air, British Air, BWIA, Cape Air, Cayman Airways, Continental/Continental Connection/Gulfstream/Wilson/C&T, Copa, CTS/American Eagle, Delta/Delta Connection/Chautauqua/Comair, Dutch Caribbean?, El-Al, FinnAir, Gulfstream International, Iberia, LAB Bolivia, LACSA, LAN/LAN Ecuador/LAN Peru, LTU International, Lufthansa, Lynx, Marazul/ABC/Xael/CTS/Wilson/Gulfstream/C&T, Martinair, Mexicana, Northwest, Qantas, Santa Barbara, Sun Country (seasonal), Surinam Airways, Swiss Air, TACA, TAM Brazilian, United, US Air/US Air Express/Air Midwest, Varig, Virgin Atlantic Opened to commercial flights in 1928.

APF Naples, NAPLES MUNICIPAL (26 09N, 81 46W, 10ft) Cape Air?, Delta Connection?, Yellow Air Taxi (YAT) Opened in 1942.

EVB New Smyrna Beach, (29 03N, 80 57W, 10ft) (currently no service?)

MCO Orlando, Orlando Intl Airport (28 26N, 81 19W, 105ft) Aer Lingus?, Aero Mexico, Air Canada, Air Jamaica, AirTran, Air Transat, Alaska, American/American Eagle/American Connection/Chautauqua, ATA, Apple Vacations (Pace Air), Bahamasair, British Airways, CanJet, Cayman Airways, Condor, Continental/Continental Connection, Copa, Delta/Delta Connection/Chautauqua (hub)/Comair/ASA/Freedom, Frontier, Gulfstream International, Iberia?, Icelandair?, JetBlue, LTU International?, Lufthansa, Martinair, Mexicana?, Midwest, Northwest, Skyservice/Conquest (seasonal), Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, Sunwing, TACA?, Ted, United, US Air/US Air Express/Air Midwest, USA 3000?, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, Worry-Free Vacations (Champion Air)

SFB Orlando/Sanford, Orlando Sanford International Airport, (28 47N, 81 14W, 55ft) Allegiant (hub), First Choice?, FlyGlobeSpan, IcelandAir, Monarch, My Travel, Pan Am Clipper Connection, Thomas Cook, Thomsonfly, Vacation Express/Pace Air, XL Airways

PFN Panama City, PANAMA CITY BAY COUNTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (30 13N, 85 41W, 20ft) Delta Connection/ASA/Comair/Chautauqua/Freedom/SkyWest?, Northwest Airlink

PNS Pensacola, PENSACOLA REGIONAL (30 28N, 87 11W, 121ft) AirTran/AirTran JetConnect/Air Wisconsin, American Eagle, Continental Express/Continental Connection/ExpressJet/Gulfstream, Delta/Delta Connection/ASA/Chautauqua/SkyWest/Comair, Northwest Airlink/Pinnacle/Mesaba, US Air Express/Air Midwest



PIE St Petersburg / Clearwater, St Petersburg / Clearwater Intl (27 55N, 82 41W, 10ft) Allegiant?, ATA?, CanJet?, Myrtle Beach DirectAir (Xtra Airways), Sea Coast, Skyservice/Conquest?, Sun Country?, Sunwing, USA 3000

SRQ Sarasota / Bradenton, SARASOTA-BRADENTON (27 24N, 82 33W, 30ft) Air Sunshine, CanJet, Cape Air, Continental, Delta Connection/Comair/ASA, Florida Coastal, Northwest (seasonal), US Air Express

TLH Tallahassee, TALLAHASSEE RGNL (30 23N, 84 22W, 69ft) Continental Express/Continental Connection/Gulfstream, Delta/Delta Connection/ASA/Chautauqua/Comair/SkyWest, Gulfstream International, Northwest Airlink, US Air Express/Mesa/PSA/CCAir?

TPA Tampa, TAMPA INTL AIRPORT (27 58N, 82 32W, 10ft) Air Canada, AirTran, American/American Eagle/American Connection/Chautauqua, British Air, Cape Air?, Continental/ExpressJet, Cayman Airways, Delta/Delta Connection/Chautauqua/Comair/Freedom, Gulfstream International, JetBlue, Northwest, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country (seasonal), Ted, United, US Air, WestJet

PBI West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Intl Airport PALM BEACH INTL (26 41N, 80 07W, 20ft) Air Canada (seasonal), AirTran, American, Bahamasair, Continental/Continental Connection, Delta/Delta Connection/Comair/Chautauqua, Frontier, Gulfstream International, JetBlue, Northwest, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country?, Ted, United, US Air/US Air Express/Air Midwest, WestJet?

ZPH Zephyrhills, Zephyrhills Municipal Airport (28 14N, 82 09W, 90ft) Sea Coast Airlines

Airlines: ABC Charters Aero Honduras Aerolineas Argentinas AeroMexico AeroPostal Aerosur Air Canada Air d'Ayiti? Air France Air Jamaica Air Midwest (hub: Tampa) Air Sunshine (hub: Fort Lauderdale) AirTran Air Transat Alaska Airlines Alitalia Allegiant Air American Airlines/American Eagle American Transair (ATA) America West Apple Vacations (Pace Air) Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) Aviacsa Avianca Avior Baer Air Bahamasair Bimini Island Air? British Airways BWIA West Indies Airways C&T Charters CanJet Cape Air Cayman Airways CCAir Chalks Ocean Airways (hub: Fort Lauderdale) (ceased operations in September 2007) Chautauqua Airlines (hub: Orlando) Condor Conquest Vacations Continental Airlines Copa Airlines Cuba Travel Services (CTS) Delta Airlines Dutch Caribbean Airlines El-Al Israel Airlines Executive Airlines? Express Jet FinnAir Florida Coastal Airlines (hub: Fort Lauderdale) (ceased operations in 2007) FlyGlobeSpan Freedom Airlines/Mesa Air Group Frontier Airlines Gulfstream International Airlines (hubs: Fort Lauderdale, Miami) Iberia L.A.E. Icelandair Island Air Charters Island Express Airlines (hub: Fort Lauderdale) JetBlue Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB Bolivia) LACSA LAN/LAN Ecuador/LAN Peru LTU International Airways Lufthansa Lynx Air International (hub: Fort Lauderdale) Marazul Charters Martinair Holland Mesa Airlines Mesaba Airlines Mexicana Midwest Airlines Monarch Airlines Myrtle Beach DirectAir (Xtra Airways) My Travel Airways North American Airlines Northwest Airlines Pace Airlines Pan American Clipper Connection Piedmont Airlines Pinnacle Airlines Primaris Airlines? Qantas Santa Barbara Airlines Sea Coast Airlines Skybus Skyservice Airlines SkyWest Airlines Southwest Airlines Spirit Airlines Sun Country Airlines Sunwing Airlines Surinam Airways Swiss International Air Lines Grupo TACA TAM Brazilian Airlines Ted Thomas Cook Airlines Thomsonfly Trans-States Airlines Travelspan Vacations Twin Air United Airlines US Airways USA 3000 Airlines Vacation Express Varig Brazilian Vintage Props and Jets (hub: Daytona Beach) Virgin Atlantic WestJet Wilson International Worry-Free Vacations (Champion Air) Xael Charters XL Airways Yellow Air Taxi (YAT)

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