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This page will list airports with scheduled passenger service in the U.S. by state.


Summary: Total: 8 commercial airports; 11? airlines

BOI Boise, Boise Airport (43 34N, 116 14W, 875ft) Alaska, America West, Big Sky, Continental Express, Delta, Frontier, Horizon, Northwest, Salmon Air, SkyWest, Southwest, United

SUN Hailey, Friedman Memorial Airport (43 30N, 114 17W, 1620ft) Horizon, Delta/SkyWest

IDA Idaho Falls, Idaho Falls Regional Airport (Fanning Field) (43 31N, 112 04W, 1453ft) Horizon, SkyWest

LWS Lewiston, Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport (46 22N, 117 01W, 438ft) Horizon

MYL McCall, McCall Municipal Airport (44 53N, 116 06W, 1533ft) Salmon Air

PIH Pocatello Pocatello Regional Airport (42 55N, 112 34W, 1359ft) Horizon, SkyWest

SMN Salmon, Lemhi County Airport (45 07N, 113 52W, 1233) Salmon Air (Salmon Air hub)

TWF Twin Falls, Twin Falls Airport (42 29N, 114 29W, 1266ft) Delta/SkyWest

Airlines: Alaska Airlines America West Big Sky Airlines Continental Express Delta Airlines Frontier Airlines Horizon Airlines Northwest Airlines Salmon Air (hub: Salmon) SkyWest Southwest Airlines United Airlines