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United States Airports

This page will list airports with scheduled passenger service in the U.S. by state.


Summary: Total: 9 commercial

AUG Augusta, Augusta State Airport (44 19N, 69 48W, 352ft) US Air Express/Colgan Air

BGR Bangor, Bangor International Airport (44 48N, 68 50W, 192ft) American Eagle, Continental Express/ExpressJet, Delta, Northwest Airlink, US Air Express

BHB Bar Harbor, Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport (44 27N, 68 21W, 83ft) US Air Express/Colgan Air

35ME Matinicus, Matinicus Island Airport (43 52N, 68 54W, 15ft) Penobscot Island Air

ME41 North Haven, Witherspoons Airport (44 09N, 68 53W, 80ft) Penobscot Island Air

PWM Portland, Portland International Jetport (43 39N, 70 19W, 77ft) Continental, Delta/Comair?, JetBlue, Northwest, United Express, US Air Express

PQI Presque Isle, Northern Maine Regional Airport (46 41N, 68 03W, 534ft) US Air

RKD Rockland, Knox County Regional Airport (44 04N, 69 06W, 56ft) Penobscot Island Air, US Air Express/Colgan Air

ME55 Vinalhaven, Mary Talbot Memorial Airfield (44 04N, 68 49W, 72ft) Penobscot Island Air

Airlines: American Airlines/American Eagle Colgan Air Comair Continental Airlines Delta Airlines ExpressJet Airlines JetBlue Northwest Airlines Penobscot Island Air (hub: Rockland) United Airlines US Airways