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Olaf/Olof W. Andreason/Anderson
Born: Oct. 23, 1862 in Sweden
Married: Anna/Annie Louise Karlson/Carlson on June 30, 1888 or 1887 in Chicago, Cook C., IL (b. 1864)
Lived in: Uppsala, Sweden; c. 1887-1910 Cook C., IL; c. 1910-1911 Austin, TX, c.1911-1920 Cook C., IL
Died: around 1920 in Chicago, Cook C., IL from effects of stroke
Notes: 1.) sophomore at University of Uppsala before immigrating to U.S.; marriage not approved of by family; earned money to bring fiancee and her family to America; sang tenor in churches and homes; invented first player piano in United States for Wurlitzer; designed large church in Austin, TX; Methodist.
2.) Found in 1900 census for Ward 32, Hyde Park township 1900 census Roll 286 Book 1, Page 169: 4429 State St.; immigrated in 1886; cabinet maker; renting; oldest three children in school.

Father:unknown Andreason

1. Olga Anderson ?: Born August 1889 in Chicago, Cook C., IL; possibly died January 1964 in Illinois.
2. Ethel Anderson White?: Born November 1892 in Chicago, Cook C., IL; possibly died August 1972 in Montgomery C., IL.
3. Ebba Anderson Kjellander?: Born August 1893 in Chicago, Cook C., IL; possibly died December 1979 in COok C., IL.
4. Rose/Rosa Carolyn Anderson Benson: Born Dec. 2, 1895 in Chicago, Cook C., IL; died May 10, 1990 in Coconino C., AZ.
5. Philip W. Anderson: Born December 1899 in Chicago, Cook C., IL; died Jan. 9, 1917 in Oak Park, Cook C., IL.