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Summary: Total: 1 passenger; Length: ?? mile

Passenger Ferries:

Bullhead City-Laughlin ferry: Crosses Colorado River between Bullhead City, AZ and casinos in Laughlin, NV; free; 0.1 mile?. (Mohave County)

Discontinued Ferries:

Parker Dam ferry?: Crossed Lake Havasu (Colorado River) just above Parker Dam. (Mohave County)

Bonelli's Ferry: Crossed Colorado River at Temple Bar (at mouth of Virgin River, where Rioville used to be), currently under Lake Mead; discontinued in 1920; started by Daniel Bonelli. (Mohave County)

Scanlon's Ferry (autos): Crossed Colorado River in area now known as Gregg's Hideout, currently under Lake Mead; started in 1881, discontinued in 1930s?; originally owned by Mike Scanlon, later bought by Tom Gregg. (Mohave County)

Cottonwood Ferry: Across Colorado River, where Lake Mohave is now; 1916-1920; boat: Arivada; "There was also an aerial cableway built one mile north of the present Cottonwood Cove. It transported automobiles across the river on a rickety framework. It was said once you crossed the river to the other side, you would never come back. It was in operation until the 1930's." (Mohave County)

Lee's Ferry (autos): Crossed Colorado River above current US 89A bridge, near mouth of Paria River; discontinued in 1928; 0.1 mile. (Coconino County)

Parker ferry: Across Colorado River, near Parker; 1910-1937?; run by Joe and Nellie Bush. (La Paz County)

Parker Dam ferry?: Across Lake Havasu (Colorado River) just above Bill Williams River, to Larned Landing in Arizona; 0.4 mile. (San Bernardino County)

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