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This page will describe remaining ferries in Illinois.


Summary: Total: 10? auto; Longest: 0.7 miles; Shortest: 0.1 mile

Car Ferries:

Canton Ferry: Across Mississippi River, between Canton, MO and Meyer, IL; daily from March 15 to December 15, 7 am to 6 pm Mon.-Sat., 8 am to 6 pm Sunday; $3.50; 0.4 mile; ? minutes; Reputedly oldest continuously operating ferry across upper Mississippi River, starting from 1840s; To reach from Canton: From Bus. US 61 (4th St.), go east on Henderson Ave., then south on Front St., and east; To reach via Meyer: Take CR 6 west from SR 96 at Ursa, then CR 7 north, CR 2600 N west, CR 8 north, CR 2650 N west to Meyer, and then CR 9 south. (573) 288-3230 (Adams County)

Cave-in-Rock Ferry: Across Ohio River, between Cave-in-Rock, IL on SR 1 and SR 91 in Kentucky; daily, 6 am to 5:30 pm; free; 0.4 miles across; ? minutes; operated by Ohio River Ferry Authority. (502) 965-5251 (Hardin County)

Darwin Ferry: Across Wabash River, between Prairie Creek, IN and Darwin, IL; 0.1 mile; $1; in operation since 1818; built in 1988. (Clark County)

Deer Plain Ferry: Across Illinois River, between SR 100 (west of Grafton) and CR 1 east of Brussels (near Deer Plain); daily, 24 hr; free; 0.2 mile; ? minutes; also called Brussels Ferry; Belle of Calhoun; operated by Illinois Dept. of Transportation. (618) 786-3636 (Jersey and Calhoun Counties)

Golden Eagle Ferry: Across Mississippi River, between Kampville, MO and Fruitland Landing (near Golden Eagle, IL); daily from late February to mid-December, daylight only in winter, until 9:30 pm in summer; $4.50; 0.7 mile; ? minutes; paddlewheel boat; built in 1936; 18 car capacity; operated by Calhoun Ferry Company; To reach via Kampville: From SR 94, take SSR B west, then Golden Eagle Ferry Road north; To reach Fruitland Landing: From Hardin, take CR 1 south, then Schleeper Lane west, then Ridge Road southeast through Golden Eagle, and Ferry Road south; another photograph. (618) 883-2217 (Calhoun County)

Grafton Ferry: Across Mississippi River, between Grafton, IL and Orchard Farm, MO; To reach in Grafton: Go south on Market St. from SR 100 and SR 3 intersection; To reach via Orchard Farm: Go north on Grafton Ferry Rd. from SR 94; ?; ?; 0.6 mile; ? minutes; operated by Grafton Ferry Boat Company. (Jersey County)

Hamburg Ferry?: Across Mississippi River, between Hamburg, IL and Elsberry, MO; To reach in Hamburg: Take CR 2/Mississippi RV Rd. south from SR 94 into Hamburg; To reach from Elsberry: Take SSR P northeast from SR 79 in Elsberry; ?; ?; 0.4 mile; ? minutes. (Calhoun County)

Kampsville Ferry: Across Illinois River, between Kampsville and Eldred on SR 108; daily, 24 hr; free; 0.2 mile; ? minutes; more photographs. (618) 653-4518 (Calhoun and Greene Counties)

Modoc Ferry: Across Mississippi River, between Little Rock Landing (near Ste. Genevieve, MO) and Mudds Landing (near Kellogg and Modoc, IL); Mon.-Sat. 6 AM-6 PM, Sun. 9 AM-6 PM, every 15 minutes; $7; 0.4 mile; ? minutes; operated by New Bourbon Regional Port Authority; To reach Little Rock Landing: From US 61, take Market St. east to downtown Ste. Genevieve, then north on N. Main St.; To reach Mudds Landing: From SR 155 in Praire du Rocher, go southeast on Market St./CR 7 to Modoc, then south on CR 12; another photograph. (800) 373-7007 or (314) 883-7382 (Randolph County)

West Point Ferry: Across Mississippi River, between Winfield, MO and Batchtown, IL; To reach from Winfield: From SR 79, take SSR N through Cap au Gris past Lock and Dam Number 25; To reach through Batchtown: From Hardin, take CR 3 west, then CR 2/Mississippi RV Road south through Batchtown, then west on West Point Landing Road; daily, 5 am to 7 pm winter, 5 am to 8 pm summer, 8 am to 8 pm weekends; $4.50; 0.4 mile; ? minutes; also known as Winfield Ferry; operated by Calhoun Ferry Company. (618) 396-2447 (Calhoun County)

Discontinued Ferries:

New Boston Ferry: Across Mississippi River between New Boston and Iowa; operated from 1835 to 1974.

First ferry across upper Mississippi River

Hannibal ferry: Established in 1831 at Hannibal, MO.

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