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This page will describe remaining ferries in Indiana.


Summary: Total: 1? auto; Length: 0.4 mile

Car Ferries:

Darwin Ferry: Across Wabash River, between Prairie Creek, IN and Darwin, IL; 0.1 mile; $1; in operation since 1818; built in 1988. (Vigo County)

Discontinued Ferries:

Aurora Ferry: Across Ohio River, between Aurora, IN and Petersburg, KY; 0.3 mile. (Dearborn County)

Vevay-Ghent ferry?: Across Ohio River, between Vevay, IN and Ghent, KY; To reach in Vevay: Take Ferry St. southeast from intersection of SR 56 and SR 156; To reach from Ghent: Go northwest from intersection of US 42 and SR 47; 0.4 mile. (Switzerland County)

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