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This page will describe ferries in Nebraska.


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Discontinued Ferries:

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Role of ferries.

Elkhorn River ferry

Bellevue ferry: In 1830 "first permanent ferry across the Missouri River north of the Kansas City area was established between Bellevue, Nebraska and the Point-aux-poules."

Gold Rush era ferries

"1887 Grover Cleveland Alexander is born in Elba. The publicity generated by a sensational murder and subsequent trials aids in the closing of saloons, gambling houses, and the red-light districts in Sioux City, Iowa. [For more information, see our Iowa page.] Everyone swarms across the Missouri River to Stanton to set up shop. Until 1899, ferryboats will be the only way across the river from Sioux City to the new town of vice."

"BRIDGEPORT (Sarpy Co.) This class A [ghost town] site was a ferry that transported folks to Cedar Island, an island in the Platte River, several miles west of its confluence with the Missouri River. It was located in what is now tangled trees and undergrowth west of a resort, three miles west of the US 73/75 bridge over the Platte River at La Platte."

Shinn's Ferry