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Loren D. White

119 Heritage Way, Florence, MS 39073; (601) 845-7471

(601) 973-3635 (office); (601) 973-3630 (fax)



Visiting Assistant Professor, Dec. 1998-present                            Jackson, MS
Dept. of Physics, Atmos. Sci., and Gen. Sci., Jackson State University
        Teaching Meteorology and General Science classes
        Research on land surface parameterization in climate models
        Service to community and university

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Jan. 1997-Nov. 1998                  Tallahassee, FL
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University 
      	Coordinated regional climate modeling study of sensitivity to sea surface 
	  temperature fields with development of land surface parameterization

Navy Research Fellow, Sept. 1994-Dec. 1996                             Tallahassee, FL
Research Assistant, June 1993-Sept. 1994 
NASA Space Grant Fellow, June 1990-May 1993 
Department of Meteorology, Florida State University  
	Developed extension of BATS land surface parameterization scheme with detailed 
	  hydrological budgeting
	Researched roles of biosphere and its seasonal variation in climate modeling
	Extensive numerical model development and other programming in FORTRAN

Visiting Scientist, Summer 1991 & Summer 1992                           Huntsville, AL
U.S.R.A., G.H.C.C, Marshall Space Flight Center 
	Analyzed results of climate simulations with CCM1
	Prepared data for mass-flux study of tropical convection with SSMI satellite 

Research Assistant, June 1988-Aug. 1990   		           College Station, TX
Department of Meteorology, Texas A&M University 
	Statistically analyzed 50 year record of daily Texas rainfall for spatial 
	  patterns by EOFs 
	Prepared meteorological data for impact study on hazardous waste site proposal

Computer Experience:  Cray-YMP/XMP (Unicos), SGI (Unix), DEC (VMS), IBM PC (Windows & 
	Programming in FORTRAN and C
	Parallel computing on SGI Power Challenge
	Word processing with LaTeX and Microsoft Word
	Graphics and analysis with NCAR graphics, GrADS, Gempak, MC-IDAS, GRASS 

Teaching Experience:  Courses taught: Dynamic Meteorology, Meteorological Measurements,
                      Seminar in Atmospheric Science, Professional Meteorology, 
                      Introduction to Science and Technology
                      Occasional lecturing for graduate courses in Tropical Meteorology, 
                      and Numerical Weather Prediction

Invited seminars:  Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL (1992)
		   Dept. of Meteorology, Univ. of Nairobi (1993)
		   Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA (1994)

Miscellaneous:  Member of American Meteorological Society
		Member of American Geophysical Union
		Spanish proficiency; varying degrees of experience/training in Turkish, 
	Arabic, Latin, and French 
	        International experience: 3 months in Turkey; 2 months in Canada; 
        more limited travel in Jordan, Kenya, England, and Mexico


White, L.D., 1999: The role of the biosphere in modulating ENSO response over the
	southeastern United States. Manuscript in preparation for Journal of Climate.
White, L.D., 1999: Parameterization of biosphere processes in the FSU spectral models.
	Manuscript to be submitted to Journal of Hydrometeorology.
White, L.D., M. Tewari, and T.N. Krishnamurti, 1998: Application of a GCM to study the 
	surface hydrological budget of Amazonia. J. of Applied Meteor., Vol. 37, 
	No. 10, pp. 1321-1331.
Krishnamurti, T.N., L.A. Ogallo, L.D. White, and G. Daughenbaugh, 1994:  Climate Atlas 
	of Africa: 1980-1989. Dept. of Meteorology, Florida State Univ., 
	Report #FSU-94-14, 696 pp.


Third Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes, 
        New Orleans, LA, Nov. 3-5, 1999.

24th Annual Meeting of the National Weather Association, Biloxi, MS, Oct. 15-22, 1999.

White, L., 1999: Validation of the Enhanced BATS within the PILPS framework. 
        33rd Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress, May 31-
        June 4, 1999, 99.

White, L.D., 1999: Role of land surface processes in modulating ENSO impacts over 
	continents. 23rd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, Jan. 10-15, 
	1999, 210-211.

White, L.D., 1998: Role of land surface processes in modulating southeast U.S. ENSO 
	impacts. 23rd Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, Oct. 26-30, 

White, L.D., and S. Cocke, 1997: Regional climate modeling with advanced biosphere-
	hydrological parameterization. 22nd Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction
	Workshop, Oct. 6-10, 1997, 322-325.

White, L., 1996:  Sensitivity of global seasonal climate simulations to static or
        seasonally varying vegetation forcing. 21st Annual Climate Diagnostics and
        Prediction Workshop, Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 1996, 26-29.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research Summer Colloquium on The PBL and Its
        Parameterization, Boulder, CO, July 24-Aug. 4, 1995.

White, L., 1994:  Utilization of a coupled biosphere-atmosphere model for seasonal
        forecasting and sensitivity studies. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
        Preprints, 105.

American Meteorological Society Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, Jan. 23-28, 1994.


Tallahassee Area Sea-Breeze Experiment (TASBEX), Tallahassee, FL, Summer 1994.


THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY [Fall 1990-Fall 1996] 	 	       Tallahassee, FL 
Doctor of Philosophy in Synoptic Meteorology, December 1996 
Coursework:  Turbulence, Numerical Weather Prediction, General Circulation, Tropical 
	Meteorology, Global Climate System
Doctoral Dissertation:  Sensitivity of Global Seasonal Climate Simulations to Static
	or Seasonally Varying Vegetation Forcing

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY [Summer 1988-Summer 1990]      		   College Station, TX 
Master of Science in Synoptic Meteorology, December 1990 
Relevant Coursework:  Dynamic Meteorology, Meteorological Satellite Data, Tropical 
	Meteorology, Mesometeorology, Synoptic Meteorology, Radar Meteorology, 
	Hydrological Modeling
Masters Thesis:  An Analysis of Daily Precipitation Patterns over Texas Using Empirical 
	Orthogonal Functions

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY [Fall 1984-Spring 1988]    		   College Station, TX 
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, May 1988 
27 hours of Physics courses 

McFadden President's Endowed Scholarship, as undergraduate (4 years) 
Salutatorian of high school class


Born:  February 12, 1968 in Nairobi, Kenya 
United States citizen
Marital Status:  Married
Community Involvement:  Teaching Children's Church 
			Course coordinator for Tallahassee Bible Institute
Eagle Scout
Hobbies & Interests:  Music, travel, canoeing, hiking, history 


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