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Joe Student

101 Beautiful St.
Computertown, MS 39123
(601) 123-4567
email: Joe Student

How I Got Here

Put any sort of text you want in here. Maybe about your life, or interests, or studies. If you want it to be in italics, then you can do like this! To make a "bold" statement, you just write like this. There are lots of other things you can do, depending how complicated you want to make things. Like changing colors, font styles, centering, etc. Notice that you should have start and end paragraph "tags" to mark paragraphs.

One nice thing is that html does not care about spaces or how you wrap around lines. So any extra spaces that you type in won't matter. Of course, if you want extra spaces, then that can be done by other means. The section headers (such as "All About Me!" above) can be done hierarchically from "H1" (the largest) to "H6" (the smallest heading). These are good to have to organize your web page. Notice in another case below how you can change the font and other characteristics of a header.

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Another Section

Maybe you want to change the appearance of your links also. Like if you want to emphasize to the whole world that your favorite search engine is Infoseek. You can use similar commands to import an inline graphics image to your web page, such as the two GIF files below. Of course they could be much more interesting graphics files.