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Phoeby/Phebe Nichols White
Born: 1834 in Tennessee
Married: Comadore Decatore "C.D." White about Nov. 14, 1852 in Polk C., MO (b. 1831?; d. 1906)
Died: before 1900
Lived in: 1850 Polk C., MO
Notes: Possible that all children may not have been hers

Father: Thomas Nichols
Mother: Elizabeth Nichols

1. William S. White: Born in 1855 or 1856 in Missouri; died in 1935 (in Oklahoma?).
2. Jim/James Oliver White: Born in 1858 in Missouri; died in 1924 (in Oklahoma?).
3. Lucy White: Born in 1860 in Missouri.
4. Ella White: Born in 1865 in Missouri.
5. John White: Born in 1868 in Texas.
6. Robert Charles/Charlie White: Born Dec. 11, 1870 in Decatur, Wise C., TX; died Jan. 24, 1930 in Washita C., OK.
7. Fred White: Born in 1873 in Texas; died in 1936 (in Oklahoma?).
8. Newt White: Born in 1876 in Texas.